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July 9, 2012

I’m not the most disciplined. I’m not the most disciplined writer. The most disciplined reader. The most disciplined email responder. The most disciplined housekeeper. The most disciplined at sitting down and getting some fucking work done.

I’m easily distracted. Not a “look-at-all-the-shiny-things” sort of distraction (though it happens, from time to time), but an “I’ll-just-check-Facebook-for-two-minutes” or “what’s-new-on-iTunes-today” or “I’ll just read this one article before I get back to work” sort of distraction. Really, most of my distraction just comes from the Internet.

So you see, it’s not my fault. Completely. But I’m trying to get better. I’m trying to achieve more discipline. I’m trying to write. I’m trying to read. I’m trying to sit down and get some fucking work done.

This is where this comes in (and if you’re still reading, Bravo, because this is some major closet cleaning I am undertaking here right now). I’m going to write. Every day, I’m going to sit down and write for two hours. It doesn’t have to be long (I’m hoping for 500 words), it doesn’t have to adhere to a particular form or particular topic (it might be a play or a story or a rant or instructions on how to properly install a do-it-yourself closet – though the last one is less likely), and it doesn’t have to be to be good (though I would prefer it was).

And since I have recently become a Big Fan of the summer project (and by what may be a coincidence, my summer project fandom had coincided with my summer under-employment) this summer I will be writing. This summer I will be taking two hours from my day to write. This summer I will be sitting down in front of my computer to get some fucking work done. My writing muscles (ie. my brain) have atrophied, and my summer project is get toned again.

So in the spirit of “if I put it on the Internet maybe I will force myself to be accountable to someone” (or at the very least, accountable to myself and the robots) my summer project is:

  • write every day (every week day, anyway)
  • read every day (every every day)
  • post to my blog twice a week
  • read 8 books in 8 weeks
  • go to the library twice a month

(and yes, they’re all fairly closely related, which make this a pretty good “all or nothing” project, of sorts. I’ll also try and use fewer parentheses, but I make no promises on how successful that will be…)

I’m also renovating my home. Which, as summer progresses, I’m sure you’ll also hear all about.

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