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An interview with… me

April 19, 2011

My play 8 Words That Ruined My Relationship has been recorded and will be released by Montreal-based C’est La Vie Theatre on April 26.

I can hear you asking: recorded? Produced? What do you mean?  I understand you may be confused, but a look at CLV’s mandate should clear things up a bit:

C’est La Vie Theatre is dynamic new theatre on the go. We are creating a podcast series of independent plays to brig emerging artists to busy people. We use social media to make theatre more accessible, and to open up a dialog between artist and audiences.

Since I write a lot of plays and listen to a lot of podcasts, I think this is a great idea.  And when approached by CLV Artistic Director Sarah Mahoney asking me if I was interested in having one of my plays produced, I was immediately on board.

In advance of the play’s release (or maybe “opening”?) next week, Sarah conducted a short interview with me.  In the spirit of Shameless Self Promotion, here’s an excerpt from the interview:

What inspired this play?

When I was completing my MFA in Vancouver I took Playwriting as part of my course work, and we were assigned a 15-20 minute piece as our major assignment for the first semester.  I had no idea where I was going to start (at the time everything I was working on was to be too long), and one night when I was trolling craigslist looking for furniture for my apartment I came across a post titled “Eight Rubber Ducks That Ruined My Relationship.”

The idea of the end of a relationship having a trigger event really interested me, and I started writing, using the title of the post as the play’s title (and even using the ducks).  Eventually through the writing process the ducks went away and the play became more about the fallout from the end of the relationship than the event that triggered it.

The whole interview can be found here, and I encourage you to check out the other play recently produced by CLV, fellow Ottawa playwright Sterling Lynch’s Prisoner’s Dilemma.  You can also subscribe to CLV on iTunes.

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